How to open category A if there is a B in 2019

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  2. How to open category A if there is a B
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If the preparation of the theory of knowledge of the rules of the road is passed once to the category above, then retake the exam is required only in the practical part of management skills.

This concerns the opening of category A if there is a driver's license for driving a car of category A. How to enter information about a new category in documents, what papers are required and how is testing organized?

What it is

Previously, category A was obtained in a simplified manner - information was entered on the right to drive vehicles below the level on the basis of a statement from the driver’s license holder.

On the basis of the new rules, it is necessary to go through the exam again with the receipt of a new driving school certificate. The document fixes the number of hours that the driver has passed within the theoretical part and driving skills training.

Training is carried out in driving schools with state accreditation. If learning the rules of the road was carried out less than 3 months ago on category B, then you do not need to listen to the course again. However, the passage of the practical part of the circuit and when driving through the city with instructors are required.

Category A assumes the ability to drive motorcycles with an engine capacity of 125 cubic meters. see weighing up to 400 kg with pripp or pram depending on technical equipment.

Tricycles, quadricycles with three and four wheels, a motorcycle or automobile control system do not fall under this type; these types of transport fall into category B1 (BE — motorcycle SU and VM — automobile SU). As well as mopeds and scooters, which are allocated in a separate category M on the basis of the new rules of 2019.

How to open category A if there is a B

To obtain category A with a driver's license indicating the ability to drive a car, that is, vehicles of increased complexity, you must pass a special training and pass a qualifying exam in the traffic police.

Category A transport management is carried out by citizens who have reached the age of 18. This is the main difference from mopeds and scooters in category M and tricycles with quadricycles in category B1. Manage them can persons from 16 years. There is also a subcategory of transport A1. Allowed to obtain a driver's license to manage this type of motorcycle also citizens who have reached 16 years.

To open category A, you must complete the following steps:

  • collect the necessary documents;
  • pass a medical commission;
  • prepare for making changes and obtaining again a driver's license in the traffic police;
  • get theoretical training and master driving skills and a qualifying exam in the traffic police;
  • pay all fines, if any, imposed for violation of traffic rules and not repaid in accordance with punctures on the imposition of an administrative penalty in connection with the commission of an offense;
  • get a new driver's license at the appointed time in the road service.
If the preparation of the theory of knowledge of the rules of the road is passed once to the category above, then retake the exam is required only in the practical part of management skills

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Required documents

To issue a certificate with category A, you need to collect a set of official papers:

  • passport of the Russian sample for citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign - for foreigners together with a migration card about crossing the state border of Russia, a visa with a note about the period of permitted residence in the territory of the Russian Federation, notification of the address of residence or permanent residence permit in the Russian Federation;
  • certificate of driving school about the passage of training in a certain number of hours about the rules of the road - the theoretical part, and the time of studying the skills of driving a vehicle at the test site and in urban traffic;
  • the results of the medical examination, must necessarily contain marks "Good" according to the results of the inspection to the management of the vehicle when confirming good health status;
  • a statement in the form presented on the official website of the Federal Registration Service or the traffic police;
  • receipt of payment of state duty in the amount established by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation - 2,000 rubles;
  • the results of the qualification exam with a positive traffic police officer.

The selection of documents is carried out on the basis of the Rules of the road and the Federal Law on Road Safety. The law defines the requirements for a person authorized to drive a vehicle, and a list of documents, the procedure for submitting them to the traffic police to obtain an identity card with a new category A.

It should be noted that training can be completed before reaching the age of 16, but applying to the traffic police for a new category is allowed only after the age of this age.

If category B was received no more than 3 months ago, you do not need to retake the theoretical part. The results of a medical examination are generally valid for 1 year in the absence of medical contraindications for certain categories of diseases, when examinations are required regularly for a period of time.

The state duty is paid at the cash desks of Sberbank of Russia or any other financial institution that accepts this type of payment.

When filling out an application online through the website of the traffic service or a single portal of state services, it is allowed to pay with a bank card or e-currency wallets, such as Qiwi, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, etc.

Exam, application and driver's license times are usually assigned and communicated to candidates in a driving school. If there is a certificate of training, a paid state duty and a positive result of passing the test at the traffic police, a citizen can independently apply to the road service for obtaining a driver's license.

Before choosing a driving school, it is advisable to check the presence of a license to conduct training for traffic rules by a certain institution. Sometimes lessons are provided, but the institution does not have a state license. Accordingly, to transfer such a certificate to the traffic police for learning credit will not work, will have to hold additional hearings.

How is the exam

The qualification testing is carried out in two stages:

  1. According to the results of training in a driving school on the knowledge of the theoretical and practical parts, assessments are entered in the certificate for submission to the traffic police during the delivery of practical testing. Presented 20 tickets to the knowledge of the rules of the road. No more than 2 errors are allowed for a positive result. If the training is completed and the exam is passed no more than 3 months ago for category B, then you will not need to repeat this step again. It is enough to provide the traffic police certificate of driving schools in confirmation.
  2. Examination for the possession of the skills of driving a motorcycle - at the circuit and when going to the city. This stage is carried out only after passing the test of knowledge of the theoretical part by sampling answers to tickets for knowledge of the rules of the road. It is also required to undergo a medical examination from the same specialists in narrow areas that when obtaining the rights of category B.

Before driving in the presence of a traffic police officer, the candidate is given 2 minutes to familiarize himself with the road or the section of the landfill where the examination will be held. Driving at this moment on the territory is not recorded in the protocol and is not taken into account when passing the exam.

Testing is carried out on the knowledge of three exercises:

  1. Overall corridor, semicircle, sudden braking.
  2. Snake, rut and low speed driving.
  3. Eight dimensional.

Penalties are charged for such actions as:

  • lack of a passing beam at the beginning of the movement;
  • check in to the stop line;
  • engine jamming while driving;
  • non-switching speeds, as it is necessary;
  • deviation from the line of motion;
  • touch of the autodrome cover while moving, etc.

When calculating fines of more than 5 points and failing the exam, retake is carried out a week after additional preparation. When making mistakes, it is enough to come again to the traffic police to pass the test.

A driver is allowed to take a qualifying exam only when submitting a document on the successful passing of a medical examination with all specialists (surgeon, ENT, optometrist, psychiatrist, nervopotalog, etc.) identity of the new category in the traffic police is impossible.

If the medical examination was completed within 1 year prior to the application for category A, if the card was previously received for management of a category B TS, then a medical examination is not necessary again.

If all documents are available and the exam is successfully passed, the candidate forwards them with a statement to the territorial division of the traffic police. He must appear at the appointed time for photographing a new document and receive a driver's license on the appointed day.

Its issuance is carried out only under the condition that there are no restrictions or a prohibition on the management of the vehicle, there are no outstanding fines for violating traffic rules.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the availability of training on the category of passenger car management B facilitates the process of entering into the driver's license a vehicle management permit category A. However, the practical part still needs to be mastered and pass the qualification examination, since motorcycle management skills differ from automobiles, including steering.

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How to enter information about a new category in documents, what papers are required and how is testing organized?
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