How to turn the switch up or down. How to install a household switch correctly

Which of us from time to time was not annoyed by the incomprehensible orientation of the switches in our apartments and institutions. In some cases, the light turns off when you press the bottom of the key, in other cases - on the top. The chaos in this matter in the country is complete, which best emphasizes the complete lack of attention to detail. Many people explain this by the peculiarities of the Russian mentality. It is quite possible that the mentality has nothing to do with it, and the rules for the orientation of the switches were simply not formulated explicitly.

It is believed that the correct "ON" position of the switch button or the tumbler lever comes from the era of the switches. The switch because of the design features is always included with the lever up .

This rule does not apply to switches in the “corridor” or ladder scheme, which, with each press, changes the state of the system to the opposite.

Here in China, the switches are turned on when you press the bottom of the key. Probably, the Chinese era cutters somehow missed.

There is another theory of the orientation of switches. According to this theory, the orientation depends on the installation height of the switches on the wall. If the switch is set at the level of the lowered hand, it is more convenient to turn it on by pressing the upper part of the key, if at the level of the head - on the lower part . Type a scientific approach. Crazy with these theories.

In fact, the "ON" position of the key is determined by the manufacturer and is found different. The main thing is to keep uniformity throughout the building. Otherwise, the person is disoriented. There are switches that have special indicator labels, lights, LEDs, or the words "ON" or "ON". Inscriptions in any case should not be set upside down, but indicator marks or light bulbs should correctly display the “ON” state. And, of course, we must bear in mind that we live in Russia, and not in China. We have the right to turn on the top of the key.

Recently, it has become fashionable to install switches with a key that switches in a horizontal position, but it is not known how to turn them on - left or right. Such is the metered introduction of a light element of uncertainty into dull household determinism. But in any case, it is necessary to orient the switches with the horizontal key equally in the whole building.

In addition to the keyboard switches, there are also toggle switches. In particular, domestic machines and RCDs have toggle switches (beaks).

The rule of orientation of the sockets is much simpler and usually does not cause difficulties. Outlets are usually installed in such a way that the holes for the plug are horizontal. There are outlets with openings located at a certain angle to the side of the outlet housing. These sockets are installed horizontally on one side of the case. Sockets with vertical holes should be installed only in the immediate vicinity of the floor (at a distance of approximately 100mm).

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Switches on the scale of repair - it's such a small thing! But their correct location can make everyday life much more comfortable and convenient. How exactly - find out below.

General rules

It is best to place the switches at a distance of 10-15 cm from the doorway. Getting into any residential area, a person intuitively tries to find a switch on the wall next to the entrance.

The optimal height of the switch is 80-90 cm from the floor level. Of course, as many remember, Soviet repairs, which involved installing a switch at head level, did not make life very difficult for someone — even children perceived it as a peak to be conquered. But still the height at which the switch can be felt with a hand, without raising it, is much more comfortable and ergonomic. That is why in families where the growth of adults is below average, it is more correct to install the switches even not according to the new generally accepted standards, and even lower to the floor.

More about comfort : it is not very obvious, but it is really more convenient if the light is turned on by pressing the upper part of the key, and it turns off - on the lower part (provided that the switch is not a loop or cross over switch). To understand why this is so, pay attention to how you hold your hand when you go into the room and you need to turn on the light, and how - when you go out and you need to turn it off. Are you convinced?

In whatever position the keys eventually turned on the light, make sure that this is the case in all rooms. That is, if you need to press the top of the key to turn on the light, in the nursery, bathroom and living room it should be turned on in the same way.

Photo: Aleksey Gnilenkov Photo: Aleksey Gnilenkov

The switch must be located on the same side as the door handle. So that you can open the door with one hand and turn off the light with the other.

If there are several light sources in the room (which corresponds), let each of them have one switch with one key, and not one switch with several keys. This rule is due to simple convenience - sometimes getting on the key, without hitting the others, is quite problematic.

It is not necessary to "fix" one switch lighting device . You can group different light sources and bring them to a single switch . For example, one may be responsible for soft light (floor lamps, sconces, lights), the other - for bright. Each of these scenarios of light is suitable for different life situations. For example, on an early winter morning, the flow of bright light will only annoy, but by noon on a winter day, when the lack of natural light is especially noticeable, such light will come in handy.


Switches for the bathroom, as well as other rooms without natural light (pantry, dressing room, etc.), should be located outside of them, for example, in the corridor.

If the switch for the bathroom is still decided to be installed in the room itself, make sure that the distance from it to the door or bath is at least 70 cm.


If there is a sconce in the bedroom above the bed (although designers recommend making a choice in favor of bedside, rather than wall lights, which during evening reading only light your crown), it is better to place its switch 10 cm above the bedside table.

Photo: Wicker Paradise Photo: Wicker Paradise

If the bed is double and the sconce is also two, you can position the switches above the bed in the middle (so that everyone has access to their own light) and add a passable main light switch to the panel. Pressing on it is much more convenient than getting out of bed and trudging to the exit to turn off the main light. The only thing that needs to be taken into account with this arrangement is that the two extreme switches are responsible for the sconce, and the one in the middle is for the “big” light. It is necessary in order not to get confused, which of the switches regulates the operation of the main lamp, and which - the additional.

If the bed is double and the lamps above it are also two, do not make them only one switch. Anyone who wants to sleep, not read, will be much more comfortable if the light does not burn above its “half”.

Alexander Yarovoy

Are you convinced?


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