If there is a category B, how to get A? Open category A - price

  1. Category "A"
  2. Category "B" ("B")
  3. What you need to know and be able to do to pass on the category "A"?
  4. How to open category "A" if you already have a "B" ("B")
  5. Why again surrender theory?
  6. Required documents
  7. Differences between categories "A" and "M"
  8. Training in a driving school or self-training?
  9. Issue price
  10. Conclusion

Many car drivers some time after getting rights acquire motorcycles and want to open category "A", which will give them the right to drive this vehicle. If there is a category "B", how to get "A" in a short time and with minimal time and effort? What documents are required and what exams will have to pass?

Driving categories existing in Russia are subdivided into 6 types. Each category has a designation in Latin letters and allows you to manage a particular type of vehicle. Scroll vehicle categories for the management of which a certificate is issued, approved by the Rules for passing qualifying examinations and issuing driver's licenses dated December 15, 1999 with changes and additions:

Category "A"

The rights of category "A" give the right to drive motor vehicles. This is basically a two-wheeled mechanical transport, but this category also includes a three- and four-wheeled light transport, having a weight of not more than 400 kg. Motorcycles can be carried with a sidecar, with or without a trailer. The age from which you can get a driver's license for the right to control motorcycles - 16 years.

Category "B" ("B")

This category allows you to manage cars and small minibuses, the maximum weight of which is 3,500 kg, and the number of seats does not exceed eight. The driver's seat in this case is not considered.

Also this category includes heavy motor transport, the weight of which exceeds 400 kg.

These cars can also attach a trailer weighing not more than 750 kg. If this weight is exceeded, it is only possible to control this tool if the following conditions are met:

  • the mass of the trailer does not exceed the mass of the vehicle;
  • the total mass of the “car plus trailer” does not exceed the permitted 3,500 kg.

the mass of the trailer does not exceed the mass of the vehicle;   the total mass of the “car plus trailer” does not exceed the permitted 3,500 kg

What you need to know and be able to do to pass on the category "A"?

What exams need to pass if there is a category "B"? How to get "A", what to look for when taking exams?

In order to get right, you must pass the theoretical and practical exams.


Examination tickets for traffic rules consist of 20 questions. In order to pass the exam, you must answer 18 of them.

It is better to prepare for exams online using the Internet. The fact is that changes in traffic regulations are made quite often, about 1-2 times a year, and you may be confronted with a situation where the rules were recently changed.

If you are studying a theoretical part in a driving school, the questions should already be adapted to the new legislation. If you pass the theory, studying paper carriers, pay attention to the period of their publication and demand separately the changes and additions made to the legislation (of a later period).

Questions in exam tickets for driving license categories "A" and "B" are completely the same.


Practical examinations are held at the circuit where you have to pass three sets of exercises. Please note that in the case of category "B", the list of exercises is not subject to change (upon delivery "B" there are three options for complexes, the driver category "A" assumes only one complex).

Often traffic inspectors allow you to try the entire complex before passing the exam. We advise you to take advantage of this offer, especially if you are not confident in your abilities.

The complexes consist of the following exercises:

  1. Overall corridor, dimensional semicircle, "Acceleration-deceleration" scheme.
  2. Snake, rut, control at low speed.
  3. Dimensional eight.

You can donate on the right both on a motorcycle driving school and on your own. Just note that another driver with rights must deliver your bike to the place of the exam and back. In addition, the motorcycle should be equipped with a full package of documents. You must have a certificate of registration and insurance with your name on it.

In addition, the dimensions of the motorcycle should be taken into account. On motorcycle with sidecar It’s almost impossible to drive the standard “eight” and “snake”, besides, the easier the moto-transport is, the easier it will be for you to pass exams.

Surrender to category "A" does not imply practical driving in the city, as opposed to surrendering the rights to "B".

How to open category "A" if you already have a "B" ("B")

If you already have the category "B" and you have successfully passed the theoretical exam no more than 3 months ago, you do not need to take the theory again.

If more than 3 months have passed, the theory will have to be re-passed. There will be no changes in it, the tickets will fully correspond to those for which you prepared earlier (except for the cases when new changes and amendments to the Road Regulations were adopted).

Category "A" opens in this case with the full passing of both exams - theoretical and practical.

Why again surrender theory?

Of course, many drivers are outraged by the proposition that they need to pass the theoretical part again. And if there is a category "B", how to get a "A" without re-taking the exam?

Since 2013, this possibility no longer exists. The theoretical part will have to be handed over again, if more than 3 months have passed since the previous delivery.

Well, then, if you have already positively passed the theory, then you should not be afraid of re-exam. After all, if you are a confident driver and know traffic rules on the "excellent", again to pass the exam for you is not difficult.

On the other hand, experienced drivers say that from time to time it is worth refreshing your knowledge of the Rules. First of all for the sake of their safety and the safety of others.

First, sooner or later we forget some things, especially if we do not encounter them in everyday life. For example, many drivers forget that they must skip a person with a white cane at any place on the road, even if he is not at a pedestrian crossing. Many drivers with 10-15 years of experience wonder asked - why? According to the SDA, a person with a white cane is blind, and he may simply not see where the pedestrian crossing is located, therefore, with respect to such pedestrians, you need to be as attentive as possible.

Secondly, the Rules are constantly being amended (up to two times a year), to keep track of which sometimes is not possible.

Secondly, the Rules are constantly being amended (up to two times a year), to keep track of which sometimes is not possible

Required documents

In order to obtain the rights of category "A", you must provide the following documents:

  • application form (issued on site or you can download the form on the Internet);
  • identity document;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • the document on the end of the driving school (original and copy);
  • medical certificate of the established sample (original and copy).

If you already have the category "B", you will need your driver's license.

Another caveat: if you get a medical certificate in a private center, you also need to confirm that the center is licensed and has the right to inspect drivers. Usually, private enterprises that provide medical and driver's commission services, a confirmation sheet is also attached to your certificate - a certified copy of a permit or other document that allows them to work in the market of medical services. Some organizations (especially in large cities) provide their data directly to the traffic police, and then such confirmation is not required.

These documents are necessary to contact the traffic police at your place of residence or place of actual residence.

Differences between categories "A" and "M"

Due to the ever-changing legislation, many drivers often have confusion between the “A” category and the newest category "M". Some citizens believe that if they purchased a moped, it is necessary to obtain category "A". In fact, for those vehicles that fall into category "M", the opening of additional categories is not required (if there is already "A" or "B" - any of them). In this case, it is required to pass only a theoretical exam, a driving test is not required. Both driving categories get from 16 years.

Training in a driving school or self-training?

Previously, there was an opportunity to independently prepare for exams in theory and driving, and only come to the exam itself. Currently, the laws of the Russian Federation is prohibited. It is also impossible to pass exams as an external student, as it was possible earlier. In any case, you will have to give money for a new training in a driving school.

Issue price

Getting rights is not a cheap pleasure. What will the whole procedure of registration and receipt of the coveted certificate?

State duty for obtaining rights is 800 rubles, for the rights of an international sample - 1000 rubles. If you retake the theoretical exam, you will have to pay another 60 rubles, if you have not passed the practice - 100 rubles.

Medical examination, depending on where you live and the organization to which you apply, will cost you from 500 to 3000 rubles.

Learning to ride a motorcycle is also distinguished by the fact that not all driving schools can take it. There are few organizations that are engaged in such training, in addition, it is often carried out only "in the season". Its cost is from 7 to 20 thousand rubles. Retraining takes 1-2 weeks.



In the future, not to think about such a question: if there is a category "B", how to get an "A", we advise you to immediately pass on both categories or open "A" within three months from the moment you receive "C". The fact is that the results of the theoretical exam are saved and are valid only during this period. This way you not only save your time, but also save money.


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